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Wanted development partner!

Advanced biotechnology to change the future

Micro-well chip capable of single cell analysis will change the future!

To medical researchers, cell researchers! Why not create state-of-the-art medical technology in cooperation with our Ultra precision processing technology?

What is a single cell?

For the development of new medicines and the development of cutting-edge medical technology, it is necessary to observe and analyze each particle one by one while living fine cells of about 10 to 30 microns in size.
Cell research will change our " Everyday life", " vitality", "food", and "future"!
It is the microwell chip that realizes single cell analysis technology that we could not do so far!

Drug discovery development, regenerative medicine technology and IPS cell research and development will be promoted.
Why not create advanced medical technology using our Ultra precision processing technology?

Areas where development is expected

Human life
  • Drug discovery
  • development regenerative
  • medicine IPS cell
Expansion of aquaculture production
  • Food safety
  • Production expansion
  • Other

A manga picture that can find useful cells in a flash in a fluorescence microscope

Super-resolution microscope NIKON N-STORM

Super-resolution microscope NIKON N-STORM