High precision, High quality,
Ultra-precision machining technology

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Injection molding of the fine processing technology utilizing the healthcare mold manufacturing microneedles or micro-well.

With its own technology of nano-level on the basis of the design design, make a prototype development of new products.

Proprietary manufacturing technology sticking
to ultra precision

Microwell chip for single cell analysis

microwell chip

Technology to observe live cells one by one and analyze (single cell analysis)
Development of advanced medical technology such as new drug discovery development, regenerative medical technology, IPS cell research and development

World's smallest micro nozzle made of cemented carbide made by ultra precision processing

maicro nozzle

Drill the world's smallest hole
Mass production is possible with molds

Wanted development partner!

Advanced biotechnology to change the future

Micro-well chip capable of single cell analysis will change the future!
To medical researchers, cell researchers!
Why not create state-of-the-art medical technology in cooperation with our Ultra precision processing technology?